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  • Brought to you by Crazy-Monkey-Games, the Pandemic series is a morbidly fun game where your main goal is to exterminate the entire human race by developing the ultimate disease. The original game Pandemic 1, didn’t become a huge success, it sequel Pandemic 2 went on to be a hit due to its improved interface and highly developed features. This time the game developers delivered a kind of real time strategy simulation where you get to play the almighty by creating either a virus, bacteria or parasite that will wipe out human life as we know it.


    Which disease would you choose? Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Parasites evolve the slowest of all three but it is hardly affected by its environment and is very hard to detect, making it very strong. Viruses on the other hand develop very quickly and can infect great numbers of people but their environment affects them heavily. These are the three main characteristics of each type of disease. 1) Visibility 2) Lethality 3) Lethality.


    The game map is simple and effective. You are presented with a map of the world with a mini map for quick navigation. There is also a news feed to keep you up to date with breaking news so you can see how your disease is taking shape.


    The gameplay is quite simple and you should get the hang of it pretty quickly, once you have chosen your disease you must develop it into a fast acting killing machine. Speed is the most important to wiping out the world before they really understand what is going on. If they think that something is suspicious they will task their top scientists into developing a cure. They can close down airports, shipyards, close their borders and even hospitals! They will do anything to try to stop you and can even impose martial law!


    So be wise my evil friends and sneaky beyond sneakiness. Get out there and take over the world!