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  • There is nothing cuter than an adorable little penguin that’s been living in the North Pole his whole life until one day he decides to open a diner for his friends and other penguins. Maybe he knows them and maybe he doesn’t.


    In Penguin Diner you have created you own little mini diner for all you penguin buddies. You’ve made it out of an igloo because what else would a penguin use. This is an awesome little restaurant game with really cute and cartoony graphics.


    As you start the game you must get the hang of how a diner works but don’t worry, there will be some on screen instructions to help you along. Start off by greeting your little penguin customers; give them a menu and wait for them to choose. I’m expecting that they will sell a lot of fish on this menu. Then when they have chosen, take their choice to the counter where your head chef will create his stunning food masterpieces. Once you have then served your customers wait for them to finish and if you did well then they might have left you a tip. Clean their table after they have left and get back to serving the next guy.


    The restaurant you’ve made is pretty cool, everything is made of ice and snow and you zip around the place on a nifty pair of ice skates. Game play gets harder as the diner gets filled with more penguins and you need to be sure to serve everyone in time and keep the place clean so that you can get the most tips as possible.


    At the end of each day you can pay your bills and bank the remaining cash. Keep an eye on the local newspaper, as it will tell you what the local penguins think of your place and if you are doing a good job. You can then spend any money you’ve saved up on making improvements to your restaurant and hopefully earn more money.


    This is a cool little game that you will be sure to enjoy, with fun graphics and addictive gameplay.