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  • The modern Zombie today is a different breed than that of yesteryear. These days Zombies are all about organic this, and gluten free that with low cholesterol brains and so on. You could almost describe them as “hipster”, they are far too cool to be indulging in a heavy lunch without first hitting the salad bar.


    So in a new healthy eating campaign aimed at the “health conscious” Zombie, PopCap has made a game to make learning healthy eating habit more enjoyable with the Plants vs. Zombies series.


    At the forefront of their game is a fun side scrolling adventure where you must defend your back garden and roof top against the wave of unrelenting undead by planting a variety useful and defensive plants that resemble something out of Little Shop of Horrors. They have been genetically modified to eat, shoot at or block these single-minded rotter’s.


    The premise of the game is that the shuffling horrors will advance across your garden towards your house and you must place defensive plants in their path with the aim to destroy them before they get too close. Before the game starts you must pick your starting line up of plants or what I like to call, “The A Team.” Strategy is important here because you need to take into account the different abilities of the zombies, their different speeds and also their own defensive capabilities. So pick your team wisely or you will not make it through to the end of that round.


    Sunflowers should always be in your starting line up as you need to use the sunlight they gather to order your plants and there are only a certain amount of spaces on the board where you may place your plants. There is also a countdown timer on each plant to stop you from ordering them too quickly. They’ve gotta give the Brain Biters a chance right!?!?


    There are over forty defensive plants available to you like Peashooters that shoot peas, blocking plants like Wall Nuts, projectile throwing plants like Cabbagepults and Cherry Bomb Trees that can explode taking out multiple Flesh Eaters at once.


    When there’s no sunlight you need to play your wild mushroom card to harness the power of the moon and later on you will need plants that can survive on roof tops or blow away smog and fog.


    There is also a vast array of Zombies coming to attack you. They range from the basic Traffic Cone head in early stages to American football undead who will charge at your defenses in later stages. And with every level just as you thought you were through you must deal with the “Final Wave” where huge hoards of Walkers will try to smother you with numbers in a final push!


    Plants vs Zombies is a absolute cracker of a game that will keep you entertained for hours. So why not give Plants vs Zombies 2 a try and then the Plants Vs Zombies: Christmas special!