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  • The Plazma Burst series is a fast paced, side scrolling set of action shooter games featuring "rag-doll" physics and extreme heart thumping violence! Its been brought to you buy the guys over at Cool Buddy games. This game was unique for being a browser based series but never fear! Hacked Arcade Games are here! And we've brought this classic series to your favorite site.


    Plazma Burst is set in our planets inevitable future where government scientists have discovered the ability travel back in time. Much like the in the epic movies Terminator and Twelve Monkeys. You play one of two volunteers who were hand picked to be time travelers and go into the past and change the future for the better. But there was a problem, the scientists hadn't perfected the wormholes flux capacitor and you were sent into another world in a separate dimension.  Now you must do battle with the enemies of this strange world in the hope that one day you can return home!



    In part one of Plazma Burst there are 16 challenging levels which require you to develop your skill and strategies to take the enemies down. Multiple routes to taking through each level make the strategy more complex while you must figure out the best way to gain advantage over your enemy.



    The much awaited Plazma Burst 2 and Plazma Burst: Forward to the past have racked up an incredible 7 million plays between them making them a fast paced game that literally shouldn't be missed!



    You battle as a highly trained marine from the future, fitted out with all the latest future technology. You're mission? Travel back in time and change the future for the better for all mankind.



    In the Plazma Burst 2, there are a total of 42 levels. Most levels contain enemies, props, and weapons. They can range from an outdoor environment, to a building full of Enemy Troops, Post Apocalyptic Forces, and some levels that have no enemies at all. Each level is unique down the maps you fight on and the forces you do battle against.



    Check out the whole series and we guarantee you will soon spend many hours as a dedicated fan!