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  • Pokemon Tower Defense Has become one of the most popular game series on Hacked Arcade Games and has racked up a combined game play total of over 25 Million Plays! Gotta catch ‘em all! The game series is the brainchild of genius game designers Sam & Dan. This is an epic take on the original Pokémon experience but with a Tower Defence/RPG format that is full of gripping excitement. The game play itself is a seamless cross between the typical RPG format of exploring new lands and the cool TD experience of defending your ground and stopping invading forces.

    The game starts off with a familiar face that you will recognize, Professor Oak. He’ll guide you through the game set up and give you your first Pokémon to get you started. As this amazing story slowly starts to unfold you find yourself in Pallet Town protecting the Professor’s rare candy collection but after a few cool twists and turns you’ll be quickly moving out into more dangerous, mysterious lands which hide much more challenging tasks.

    As your quest unfolds you’ll gain new and more powerful Pokémon to help you along the way. Each Pokémon has its own unique abilities that work best for certain tasks. So pay close attention to their powers to help you maximize your effectiveness and defeat your enemies to collect the prizes.

    Before you start each stage you must select your Pokémon defensive line-up. Then strategically deploy them to defend yourself during the game. As you gain more experience you can select other Pokémon if you get in a pickle. The defensive towers in this game are the Pokémon team members, but the objects and characters you must defend depend on the particular situation and point in the game you’re at.

    Once deployed your little Pokémon can pretty much fight by themselves but you’ll need to keep looking back on them frequently to check their health and evolve their powers to become faster and stronger! Keep your team evolving to increase their fighting powers and you will soon have a force to be reckoned with!

    To become a true Pokémon master and catch them all, you’ll need to take the time to learn each of their strengths and know when to use each one. After practice you will be able to place them in the most effective place and inflict the most damage on your opponents and become a true Pokémon Champion!