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  • Have you ever been caught short at a festival where your only choice has been a disgusting porta potty? Did you take one look at that thing and think “I’m gonna kick flip that poop pit”? if you did then prepare yourself for video gaming history. In this game created by Gonzo Games you can now ride that porta potty BMX style and perform all the tricks you’ve ever dreamed about!


    Potty Racers isn’t the most beautiful game in the world but what porta potty ever was? The graphics are fun and cartoony and their simple style is made up for by a gripping game play.


    To start off with in Potty Racers you need to customize your John. Add wheels and an engine, put it at the top of the highest hill near you and push it down like a toboggan. Once its on its way you must risk life and limb and jump on top, riding it to the bottom of the hill and off a ramp where you will glide through the air like a poop rocket. Once air-borne tap you’re trick buttons to perform a range of dare devil tricks like flips and hand stands to woo the crowds who will marvel at your skill. You must finish your trick before nailing a perfect landing other wise you’ll really be in the muck.


    You’re score will be based on how fast you go, how high you flew, how far you traveled and how many awesome tricks you performed in the air. You can then spend your cash winnings on upgrades for you porcelain sky chariot and start the competition all over again.


    There are four different hills to try in part one, each one gets steeper and more challenging than the last. You can unlock new hills or even try they different ramps and hills in Potty Racers 2 and Potty Racers 3


    There is lots of excrement to be had trying to figure out how many tricks you need to perform before land and can progress in the game.


    Feel like travelling the world in your porta potty? Then check out Potty Racers 4 Which will take you to some exotic locations where you can show off your pottying skill to the rest of the world!