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  • Raze is the ultimate futuristic space shooting game series brought to you by the developers at Armor Games. Arm your Raze soldier to the teeth with high tech weapons, equipment, and abilities to fight off the alien forces, robots and zombies to save the human race. Or become the enemy and fight to destroy the planet!
    The Raze Soldier was part of the Raze Program, a program developed by the government to genetically train and alter a group of military volunteers and change them into super-soldiers, much like Captain America and the X-Men.

    Start off by choosing one of 12 characters that are fully customizable, and then choose one of the 5 exhilarating game modes. Deathmatch, Elimination, Team Elimination, Team Deathmatch or Juggernaut. Each game mode can be played in either Human or Enemy. There are 15 levels in each giving a total of 30 levels.

    Raze Is the first of the series, the Raze program was created using an abandoned alien factory found on Earth. Angered by this, Aliens attacked Earth and the government vowed to eliminate them to stop the spread of information. The Raze Soldiers were left behind along with a group of Marines to defend the planet!
    Before the end of the first war the Raze program became infected with a Zombie virus!

    Raze-2 In Raze 2 we join the action again! The bodies of the fallen Raze soldiers had been preserved by scientists in the hope that one day a cure could be found. But a surprise Alien attack led the government to interrupt the cryogenic process before the soldiers were fully cured releasing the Raze soldiers as a Zombie attack force. The soldiers fought hard to collect and protect artefacts that are vital for Earths survival.

    Raze-3 After eliminating a mass of zombies, an alien ship arrives to the surprise of the Raze Soldiers. They believed that they had already eliminated all of the aliens. The team track the Aliens to a mysterious underground facility. On arrival they are ambushed by an alien squad but successfully defeat them and gain some vital intel as well as a strange machine that causes earth tremors. They return the strange machine to their scientist to be studied. But the machine causes all the specimens in the lab to go crazy, killing all the scientists and infecting the earth with Alien life!

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