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  • Just when you thought you were up to your neck in Zombie games and you thought you’d played them all, along comes Rebuild 2 to blow them all out of the water!


    Rebuild 2 is set in a familiar city environment and you are the leader of a small group of survivors who’s lives have been literally torn apart by zombies. It is the sequel to Rebuild. The city block that you control aren’t big enough to sustain the people you are taking care of already and more survivors are joining your group everyday, looking towards you, their leader to take care and provide for them. So its now time to expand. You need to grow the small area where you live into a larger community that might one day become a city again.


    But there is danger around every corner. All the way through the game you can search and scavenge for food and materials and gather more survivors along the way. Part of you objective though is to reclaim land from these undead brain eaters and try to build up your society. You must never forget your base though as wave after wave of zombies is contently attacking them. You must choose wisely who will join you on missions and who will stay behind to defend the lines.

    At the start of the game you can build up your character. Choose from male or female, select the hair, body type and even accessories that you will take with you. Try and get a chainsaw if possible. You can also choose the size of the town or city that you are going to start off in, this will also determine the length of the game. The range of difficulty you can choose goes from super easy to goddamn there’s a zombie eating my neck already.


    This is game series that you are going to love and spend hours playing so get in there and lead the people. Their fate is in your hands!