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  • It takes a special kind of person to become a true marksman, and an even greater person to become a hit man. You must not only be an amazing shot and have lightning fast trigger fingers, but you must be able to adapt to any situation and think outside the box to turn any environment into an advantage for your benefit.


    In Ricochet Kills 3, the third installment by Coolbuddy you will don the black trench coat and your mission is to take out every mafia looking dude you can see. They will all be pretty sharply dressed, as you’d expect from the Italians.


    There are 70 levels to complete in this game and your trick shooting skills will be tested to the limit by some incredibly bouncy bullets. Use every geometry lesson that you ever attended to ricochet your ammo off of wooden boxes, metal beams, and high explosives in this high octane-shooting rampage.


    Your character, the silhouetted trench coat wearing marksman, will always stay in a single position on the screen and you will fire by clicking the left on you mouse pad. Move your mouse or cursor to take aim and point it where you want your bullet to start its path of madness. Keeping the single position helps you hone in on the exact area needed for the diamond shot of a lifetime.


    You fire with a limited amount of bullets, as every good marksman only needs a few, so plans the trajectory of you bullet well before firing. After your bouncy bullet has made a few ricochets it will disappear so always go for the shortest path to destruction as possible. The more rounds that you fire will give you a lower score.


    This game is very well put together and ricochet 3 is no exception. It’s a worthy sequel to an already fun and addictive series.