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  • Get your chainsaw fired up and stick some nails in a baseball bat because its time to get together again and play Road of the Dead 2 which has one million percent more action and shooting than its predicators.


    In this installment you are one of only two survivors who are trying anything to stay alive and escape from the city. One of you will drive whilst the other plays as a real life shotgun and you must take on what ever is in your path.


    You will be equipped with some decent weapons, a shogun, pistol and SMG and you can use the WASD keys and your mouse to mow down on coming zombies as they approach to eat your brains. There will be objects in your path too which you can blast out the way, like burning cars and fallen trees. These evil dead suckers will even get stuck on your hood so keep your shotgun handy to blow them away.


    At the beginning your character sucks pretty badly but don’t panic as his skill will improve in the game and if you die you will be given the option to go back to the last checkpoint so you wont have to start from the beginning. Along the way in each level there are buildings you can stop at to upgrade firearms and re-stock on ammo, plus other important things for your health like food.


    There has been a massive amount of work that has gone into this game. There are many amazing cut scenes that are very well drawn and animated and the graphics within the gameplay are detailed, with deep environments that will keep you entertained and hooked on this game. You can even use a lot of these landscapes to your advantage as they are interactive and part of the game.


    The game is fast paced and frantic with each level getting harder to complete with more deadly zombies!