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  • The Romans gave us many great things like aqueducts, gladiators and massive walls. They also gave us roads and in Roads of Rome 2 you’ll be playing an expansive resource management simulation. Your job will be to build settlements, construct roads between them, chop down trees and wed barbarians. All of this will happen on top of the mountains so you will feel like a living god.


    When the story line starts Caesar has just been poisoned and instead of turning to actual medicine the doctors have decided that the only way he can be cured is to pray to the gods. Their plan is for you to build a long and windy road that will go all the way from the city, up the mountains, and into the clouds. When you get there if the gods like your road then they might be inclined to cure Caesar. Personally I’d always advise asking someone first if they want new road built to their house because they might not want the visitors.


    This game is all about your resource management skills and there are 40 challenging levels for you to accomplish. You will have to employ workers to do everything for you from digging holes to constructing bridges. They will also have to gather all the materials and prepare the ground. Everything that you need doing can be organized with a few clicks if you have enough workers. Make sure you have people working on building settlements and gathering food to feed and house all of your workers along the way. Then all you need to do is stockpile as many raw materials as possible as they will be needed in every task.


    All the levels that you come across will have goals that you need to complete in order to complete the level. There will be various jobs to complete as you build each road, which are like little mini games so there is plenty of fun to be had and hours of enjoyment.