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  • Robokill Trainer is an awesome top down style dual stick shooter. It was originally launched back in 2010 and it gained massive popularity among games so they released Robokill 2, which brings all the action back and up to date in this amazing adventure killer.


    The aim of the game is to move along from room to room by blasting everything that you can see and creating total destruction. The second game starts exactly where the first ended making it a true sequel with heart pumping action. There are 12 different missions for you to complete with a total of 600 rooms, which is amazing. In part one the main enemy was robots and in the sequel you’ve are battling against all manor of nasty little bugs, lizards and creepy crawlies.


    The game play in both games feels the same, which is nice that they kept to their original aesthetic. In part 2 there are 25 new enemy types which must be destroyed and each of them are drawn in stunning detail. A lot of the enemies will attack you in a kamikaze style way, they don’t care about their own life and they only want to take you down.  The enemies are more advanced and the end bosses are more tactical. This ads an extra element to the game,


    Each room that you enter will be unique too and the challenges and puzzles will keep you addicted. The missions are longer and surviving the attacks is more of a challenge.


    This is arcade action at its very finest with smooth running graphics and slick gameplay. There is also a war room element added which allows you to kit and upgrade your robots to suit the different levels. All of the environments are fully destructible and there is so much going on in the screen that you will need to take a breath between level.


    It’s a must play game that is not to be missed!