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  • For years Rogue soul has loved the fact that’s he’s the most popular rogue in the city. He throws up the double middle finger to those jerks on the night watch, he can charm any lady in the city, he is the master at Pakour, (the French Art of running away) and jumps between buildings with ease. Everybody just loves him. He is the Robin Hood before Robin Hood was even invented. Every morning he goes to the market to steal from the rich and give to the poor. One day his arch rival “Borin hood” comes to town and all of a sudden there is a 5000 soulon reward placed on his head, so no its time to up his game.

    In Rogue Soul 2 you play this lovable character in free running Roman City environment which has so much action that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s a masterfully created running and jumping, platform action game with smooth cartoon like graphics that are fun and spritely.


    The controls are simple; use your arrow keys or WASD to run, jump, and drop across the multitude of platforms and perform special moves like grabbing ledges and swinging off ropes to avoid you captors. There are many different types of guards and enemies around the city like soldiers, spearmen, archers assassins and axe men. As you run towards them you will auto attack them but be sure to have precise timing as if not you will end up on the end of spear or dead on the ground.


    There are many cool objects that you can find which will aid your free running style such as parachutes, weapons and armor. If you are lucky enough to find a bunch of flowers then drop them by your girlfriends house and she will give you special jump powers!


    The aim of the game is to get the 5000 soulons needed to lift the reward on your head so good luck and happy free running!