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  • You are the rebel leader of a mercenary force of highly trained military soldiers and you’ve got one goal on your mind, eliminate the enemy who has invaded earth so that you can save humanity. The enemy is a cyborg race of machines who have come to earth with the intention of concurring it. They have already started to rape the earth of all its natural resources and you’ve got to act quick to stop them before its all too late.


    Shadez 2 is a real time strategy game that adds an element of excellence into this generally under tapped market. Once you’ve played this you will soon see that it’s a force to reckon with.


    You have extreme and impressive military power available at you finger tips including air forces, ground defense units, rocket launchers and black ops units. There are explosives, armored vehicles and tanks along with base missile stations and Apache Gun Ships. Literally anything you can think of can be called upon you command to strike down with furious anger on those who are trespassing against us.


    All of this power though will depend on the rescores that fuel it so you need to build and maintain power plants and generator units and all the other control system infrastructure that surround this like army bases, air fields and shipyards. In essence you are in full control of an actual real time war situation, which is what makes this real time simulator unique in the crowd.

    You will be started with a basic power plant at the beginning of the game, which has enough power to sustain a small army unit, but once you start to construct more powerful weaponry you will need to start building more powerful generators like nuclear power stations.


    This game has seamless game play that will have you hooked and keep you entertained. The addictive power of controlling an army and building into a super power will be your greatest mission!