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  • When you are building an empire you know that you are going to have to start off small, you can start off with a dollar store and then take over the world!! Well maybe not that quickly, there are probably a few steps in between.


    In Shop Empire you will create your own SIM style set of shops, brought to you by Gamesfree-com this cute little game will really get you addicted.


    You will take control of a shopping mall in each country that you play in and you must fill it with everything that the customers want. From bookshops to hair salons, men’s clothing and pet stores. Make sure people also have what the need like grocery stores, pharmacies and food courts. You can even get into the entertainment business by creating cinemas and concert halls.


    Use the money you earn to buy staff and add more area to your shopping mall. And everything will need to be cared for and maintained. This will include the customers, some of who might be really picky like celebrities. They will want extra attention and their high end shopping needs taken care of.


    Another fun element of this game is the security, there will always be some dodgy crook that is trying to steal from you and you customers so you’ve got to keep them safe and feeling secure.


    There is a good tutorial at the start of the game, which will teach the basics pretty quickly. The menus are easy to navigate and everything is laid out in a simple fashion.


    Keeping your customers happy is the key to this game as that is how you will earn more money. You can keep your mall open 24 hours and when you have earned enough cash look at investing in new locations with even more lavish decorations to really pull in the rich clients.