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  • Do you ever wonder what happens to all the abandoned shopping carts that you see lying in ditches on the side of the road? Some are picked up and taken back to the super market where they will live out the rest of their boring days being pushed endlessly round the supermarket until one day they can retire. Some are picked up by Bubbles and taken back to Sunny Vale trailer park where they are lovingly restored back to their former glory. But some, just some are taken by an elite group of shopping cart extreme sports stars where they get to become a pert of the greatest X Games sports every created!


    This is where Shopping Cart Hero comes into play developed by MonkeyWantBanana developers. In this crazy action packed game you must guide your hero into developing the most awesome shopping carts ever know to man. You start with just a basic junk like shopping cart but as you progress through the game you can kit your shopping carts out with some amazing features like jet engines and mini wings to try to beat all of your opponents and hear the roar of the crowds and your die hard fans.


    The aim of the game is simple. Race you cart down a slope and hit the jump at the bottom with perfect timing. Then launch your cart into the air and perform all manner tricks whilst in the air to please the crowds. The further you fly and the greater distance you achieve at landing will determine how many points you gain and how much cash you can earn. The more cash you earn the more tricked out kit you can buy for your shopping cart and the more dear devil stunts you will be able to perform in the game.


    Many have tried and failed to become the Shopping Cart Hero 2 so its up to you to become the champion. Do you have what it takes?