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  • In the mafia controlled are of Chicago you’ve got to be carful whom you do business with. They’ve controlled the area since before you were born but you are a rising gangster who isn’t going to let a group of Italians get in your way.


    Sift Heads World is a first person shooter style game where you control a group of gangster assassins on the rise and in the first part of this series you make and enemy of the wrong guy. Alonzo is the boss of the local mafia and you’ve pissed him off. You decide to go on the counter attack and hit his base destroying all of his gang only to find that he’s escaped just before you could reach him.


    That was the start of the story and there are so many amazing sequels that you will have to play them all to follow the full story along. All of which you will be fighting Alonzo and his mafia gang members including Uma and his ninja servants.


    At the start of each chapter you start in a GTA style safe house, which you can return to at any time. There you can practice your shooting on the range, change your outfit and keep all of your acquired weapons. You have the choice of three assassins at your disposal and each of them has their own benefits. They are called Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty. Vinnie is the main charter in the story but be sure to use the other two to your advantage. Kiro is a fully trained Ninja so you can use him when you are fighting with Uma’s crew.


    The graphics in this game are dark and eerie which add to the underworld nature of the game. The characters are stick type guys that have been enhanced and the gameplay will keep you going for hours on end. There are so many parts to this story that it’s hard not to get addicted.