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  • Faster than a speeding train! Faster than a speeding bullet! Faster than Superman? Yes I believe he is. There is nothing more fast paced than one of the greatest platform games of all time, Sonic The Hedgehog.


    There have been many variations of this game over the years but the original style still holds true as being one of the best out there. You play a little, spikey harried hedgehog named Sonic who is cooler than cool and has a pair of badass kicks on his feet that help him reach super sonic speeds. Probably where he got his name. He lives and runs in an amazingly animated cartoon world that resembles a pin ball machine and his ultimate goal is to rescue Princess Elise who has been captured by the evil Dr. Eggman!


    From the word ‘GO’ this game is super fast paced as you set off running as fast as you can (which is very fast) and you jump and spin around the screen. There will be many little enemies along the way who will try to stop you from you’re level objective which is to collect as many rings as possible. You want to be holding the maximum amount of rings as possible when you cross that finish line but if you bump into an enemy you will drop all you rings and start collecting again. If you bump into an enemy and you’re not holding any rings then you will loose a life and will be sent back to the last checkpoint that you passed through.


    Your only weapon against losing your rings to the enemy is to curl up into a ball like any good hedgehog and then smash into you enemy. This will take extreme reaction timing from your fingers and it can sometimes frustrate the hell out of you if you are caught off guard.


    At the end of each land that you progress through you will have to fight the Evil Dr. Eggman who will be using one f his many inventions to try and stop you, but each time you defeat him he just manages to escape ready to fight you at the final big boss battle!