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  • Stick Wars is all about fun. These little guys are just funny and there’s no two ways about it. It’s like watching someone slip on a banana skin or poke a straw up their nose when trying to take drink. You just can’t help but laugh.


    So as soon as this game starts they’ve already got your sides splitting when the first little guy runs towards your castle and beats his little stick hands on your walls. It’s a great start to a game series that’s brought to you by the developers at Stick Page.


    At the start of the game you are given your own castle, but wait, It’s already under siege! There are armies of savage fighters trying to take your castle and once the outer walls are breached they can’t be stopped. Luckily for you, you have the mighty hand on your side and defending against the marauding siege is as simple as flicking the tiny stick men away.


    As they attack your castle you simply need to flick them away like a dead fly on a table. Extend your finger into full flick mode and let gravity do all the hard work.


    When more attackers advance it soon becomes clear that you need to become a master flicker to shake off the waves of attackers and keep your walls strong and standing.


    Battle away to earn game points and soon you will be able to afford a few upgrades and suddenly the game takes a more entertaining twist. It will take some effort to get there but with perseverance you can get the job done.


    You can build a prison to keep your POW’s in and all you need to do is drop them in there. Once you have them captive you can arm them with bomb vests and send them back to their legions to destroy their unwitting counterparts.


    You can also deploy maintenance teams to repair any damage that has been inflicted on your walls by the enemy’s battering rams. There are also archers and wizards on your side to give you that full medieval battle experience.


    This game series is all about fun and if you enjoyed the first instalment then you should definitely check out the latest addition Stick War 2: Order Empire!