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  • We’ve been training for this for the past 3 years. Each one of us has been turned from an ordinary man into an awesome killing machine that can use muscle memory to defend, attack and kill our enemy in the blink of an eye. We’ve run training ops for nearly every operation so we should be prepared. But not for this, without warning our base came under attack. We were supposed to be the ones that put the enemy under attack but they surprised us. Now they are coming at us, in wave after wave of relentless attacks that have seen us down to our last rounds of ammo. But we can’t give up now; if the base falls then we will all die. And todays not the day I’m gonna die!


    This is Storm Ops, and you must stand you ground and defend your base. It’s a military style first person defense shooter brought to you by Bubblebox. You must take down as many enemies as you can and put a bullet in their heads.


    The game starts fast and the first few levels are a steep learning curve. Learn or die is the philosophy here and id pick learn if I were you. Your camp is on top of a hill so you have the ground advantage. Your gun positioning is good; you’re overlooking a path that leads up to you camp. Enemy will come at you from the left and the right so aims well and shoot to kill.


    Headshots are always the best method. One good shot to the head will beat 2 shots to the body in this game of speed and accuracy. The mechanics of the game feel good and familiar. The more shots you can kill with will earn you more money, which you can use to upgrade your weapons and ammo. Your first weapon is not great so you will want to upgrade this as soon as possible.


    If you find your shooting starts to suck balls then there’s a chance it’s your weapon so it might be time for an upgrade. So keep your wits about you and take them down before they can kill you.


    Good luck soldier!