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  • For thousand of years man has been building houses and homes with his bare hands and he has been doing battle to defend them. The skills required and the time put in makes them something worth fighting for. And it’s no different if you are a stick man. Well maybe it’s a little different because you’ve only got sticks for hands, which will make building anything 10 times harder. I mean, how the hell would you operate a power drill, or even hold a hammer?


    For these little guys they will fight to death to protect their homes and luckily in Storm the House 1, you don’t actually have to build them. Storm the house is brought to you by Kongregate and they have become renowned with gaming excellence. It’s a shooter style game where waves of attackers will come at you from all angles and they are armed to the teeth. They are hell bent on taking down your home and you’d better be pretty committed to killing them too.


    To start the game select your gameplay difficulty, easy, normal, hard and “Why God?” as you can imagine “Why God” is pretty much all out carnage that will have you trebling in seconds and wishing you’d never pressed the button. In each game you will be attacked from both sides and using you mouse pad as a cross hair styles shooter you must take down the entire enemy. Each attack cycle is the equivalent of one full day. During that day you will collect money by taking out more enemies and then between levels you can use the cash to upgrade or repair your house and defenses.


    Storm the House 3 is a newly released version where its no longer just stick men attacking you. The enemies have upgraded and along with that so have their attack styles.


    So arm yourself well and keep you base defended at all cost as this game will have you shooting down baddies for hours!