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  • It was supposed to be the same as every other mission I’d been on a thousand times. Infiltrate the rebel forces and take out the target. We’d do this for a living and we were never outside our comfort zone. And then boooom! There was a loud explosion from the fuselage of the aircraft. As we crash landed and came to a halt, I checked out the rest of my team and they had all survived. But they were acting strange. Now the mission had changed, now I had to get out alive!


    This is one action shooter game that isn’t to be missed. Strike Force Heroes is brought to you by the geniuses at Armor-Games and the only way to survive is to blast everything in sight.


    You play the part of a soldier after the air crash and its your job to guide him outta this mess. The controls are simple arrow keys or [WASD] and you can aim and shoot with the mouse. There are four classes you can choose for your fighter before each level, Medic, commando, assassin and tank. Each have their own strengths and weaknesses and all have special weapons. The more enemies you can kill the more cash you can build up and unlock weapons and new abilities. There are more than 65 weapons to gain during a very extensive story mode campaign. Scattered around the different levels are more ammo and health packs to keep you going. Each level will hold a specific task, which could be hold and controlling a zone or capturing the enemy’s flag. If you can go on a long killing spell then there are special kill streak abilities to unlock.


    Strike Force heroes is brought to you by the guys who developed Raze and the best way to describe this series is “Raze, just not in space”. With killer action and amazing graphics this is a series not to be missed so make sure you check them all out!