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  • The wars between cats and dogs have been well documented over the years and in recent times since the birth of the internet it seems that the war has reached new heights of violence with people posting pictures and videos of both cats and dogs in the battle to see who will be the supreme leader! But what does the fox say? He says he’s ready to rise up and take the crown.


    In StrikeForce Kitty you will paly a fast paced action arcade game that will hopefully see these cunning foxes crushed before their heads get too big for their boots. You will be in control of the vicious felines and you’ll guide them through a series of platform style levels to quash the evil fox.


    Your cat attacking army will run around and do battle on autopilot and you just need to click to perform jumps and attacks. Each of the levels is bursting at the seams with action plus loads of different weapons and armor that you nab from your fallen attackers. There are many different type of enemy and they all have their own unique attacking style and special moves. When they drop their armor you can pick it up and combine them together to form an endless stream of super armors with special moves and abilities.


    To bypass some obstacles you will need to have collected all of the required abilities in a kind of recipe fashion so make sure you never leave anything behind.


    When you are in battle with your enemies there will be a health bar at the top of the screen to monitor both of your damage. The premise is simple, inflict more damage on them than they do on you.


    The graphics and gameplay are loads of fun and the cute little kitties will have you laughing when they put on their angry faces.