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  • You must remember play Super Mario bros on the NES back in the day. You’d all be sat round for hours, passing the controller when you die. And every time you played it there would be one dude who would say, “what would it be like if you could play any character in this game?”


    Well that’s exactly what’s happening right now in Super Mario Crossover. This is an excellent mash up style game where you can play the original Mario but with any number of famous characters from your favorite games. It’s not just a fad, and its not just for the lol’s, this is a well put together game and choosing your favorite character just enhances it.


    Just imagine, you can paly the original style game that’s exactly the same but at your disposal you have just about every 8-Bit character you can dream of, from mega man, to Ryu or even Iron Man. Each of them have their own abilities and the Super Mario “Run” button can activate their special attack. And there’s even a button to use their Special Attack! All of the other basic Mario moves are the same. You have to jump on charters heads to kill them and bump blocks just like the original. Mushrooms have the same effect as do the power runs that you get from magic stars.


    There’s an amazing amount of work that’s gone into this and its really impressive. There are so many more options that this opens up for the game that if it didn’t have the same backdrops then it would be completely new.


    You can switch charters between levels so you can then tailor your gameplay to certain situations. Use a charter who’s good underwater for underwater levels ort a charter who’s good at climbing for climbing levels. The possibilities are endless.