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  • Did somebody order a plumber? There is no one more iconic in the gaming world than Super Mario. Everybody, it doesn’t matter who you are will know who he and his brother Luigi are. There have been so many different adventures for the pair of the years and all of them have a similar goal in mind. Rescue the Princess Toadstool from the Evil Clutches of Bowser the King of the Koopers


    Super Mario World is the baseline where the whole story began, (I bet you are humming the tune in your head now lol) you play as Mario, the lovable little Italian plumber wearing his famous red overalls and it is your goal to rescues the Princess who is being held captive by Bowser and his Kooper army in the Mushroom Kingdom


    You will progress through each level running over bricks and jumping over, under and through pipes gaining power ups and coins as you bounce of turtles, and hit question mark boxes. When you start off you are small Mario but in this game mushrooms are your friends and you can use different mushrooms that you find along the way to give you special powers like fireballs, super speed and even ones that will make you grow giant sized.


    Each level gets harder and harder as you progress through the game and when you complete each level you must do battle against the end of level boss to complete the round. Most of the end of level bosses is Bowser as he has all manner of special gadgets and machines that he will use against you. And each time you fight him you come so close to killing him but somehow he always manages to escape ready to fight you at the end of the next round.


    This game is so much fun and its one that many of us have grown up playing. So try them all out and see which one you like the best!