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  • The Super Smash Flash series has gained a massive following and both games have become classics in the flash game world. The first set a high standard of gameplay and the second one, Super Smash Flash 2, doesn’t fail to deliver.


    There are 33 players that you can choose from with a total of 47 different stages to complete. The game modes that you can choose from are: Solo, Adventure and Classic. Each one has a special kind of attraction so play them all to find your favorite style. There is also a single player and multiplayer option so the fun in this game just keeps on going.


    The gameplay in the sequel is even better than the first with many more collectable items and new enemies to be conquered. There are plenty of new fighting moves that have been added along with brand new cut scenes and graphics.


    The controls in the game allow you to control up to four players at any one time. Players can now jump and wall grab as well as throw items at their enemies. The new taunting system is loads of fun and really gets your opponents angry. The new style match ups are now timed too which ads an element of speed to the game.


    To win a stage you need to inflict as much damage as possible to you opponents and knock them off their stage to secure the win. The more damage you inflict will make it easier it is to knock them off.


    This game is fantastic for competitive gameplay with a well-balanced set of character. There are many impressive addition that have been added to the game to enhance the experience and its definitely paid off.


    The graphics are slick and smooth and you will be addicted to this game for hours on end.