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  • What are your brawling skills like? I’m not much of a real life fighter but my fingertip, game playing brawl skills are pretty good I reckon. I wouldn’t be able to punch my way out of a paper bag in real life but here I’m a rock star and so can you be!


    Superfighters is brought to you by the developers at Newgrounds an even though it has a blocky, pixelated appearance the gameplay is addictive and it has received thousands of plays on hacked Arcade Games.


    In this game you control a little dude who has to kick, punch and shoot his way through each level, stabbing and burning his opponents in an effort to progress a bit further. And each time you reach the end of a level you can start all over again in the mayhem that is just so addictive.


    The controls of this game are a little tough to get used to but luckily they are fully customizable in the options section so I recommend changing them to a style that suits you.


    In the beginning everything starts out slow to let you get used to the style but after a few levels things start to rock and it will be time to master your special moves like, running, dive and roll and taking cover. Taking cover is a great strategic move to let you regain a bit of health and to assess your situation.


    There are two main game modes to choose from, V’s and stage mode. The first is a simple battle mode but the real action is in Stage. Where you will follow a simple story mode where you can battle against opposing teams.


    This game is fast and frantic and extremely satisfying. There are may great weapons to choose from and you can always check out you opponents location on the handy little map.


    Get in there and start brawling!