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  • Feel the roar of the Colosseum. Enter the stadium of champions where each battle could be your last but ultimate victory could make rise above your opponents and see you crowned the champion of the Gladiators.


    Swords and Sandals : Gladiator is the first in the Swords and Sandals series brought to you by the game designers at 3rdsense. Its a turn based, strategic, gladiatorial action based classic. The simplistic graphics and addictive gameplay of the first in the installment led to the popular sequels being developed. They were:



    Swords and Sandals 2
    Swords and Sandals 3
    and Swords and Sandals Crusader



    The story begins when our character is sailing across a dangerous ocean packed with rouge pirates who are out for bounty. A freak storm that only occurs once a century catches the sailors off guard, the ship is thrown into some rocks and begins to sink. The crew quickly abandon ship to save their own lives but all either drowned or were killed by the waves beating them into the rocks. The captain, following that age old tradition, vows to go down with his ship. Standing a foot of the crows nest he waves "goodbye" to his life. By some stroke of luck you are the only survivor and this is where your journey begins. The Arena is now the only place for you, victory will be yours!






    In the game there are 3 main locations. The Armory, Weapon Smith and Arena. The arena is where all the combat battles will take place. The games combat is a simple turn based system. Your players attack methods are: Charge, Quick Attack, Normal Attack, Power Attack, and a Taunt.



    You must build up your players stats and upgrade through the multitude of weapons available.



    The Stat levels to build up are



    - Strength: Increases the damage you inflict.



    - Agility: Increases distance traveled and speed while walking or jumping.



    - Attack: Increases chance for successfully landed attacks.



    - Defense: Decreases the chance for your opponent to land attacks on you.



    - Vitality: Increases total health



    - Charisma: Decreases the price of weapons and armor in the shops available in the game.



    - Stamina: Increases maximum "Energy," more stamina allows you to regenerate energy through sleep.



    Fight hard and victory will be yours!