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  • Converting an arcade classic into fun and actionable flash game is never an easy task but the developers at Playspal have done an amazing job with Tank-Tank. This is a fantastic game to play alone or with friends and will keep you on the battlefield for hours.


    As with any good Tank game the moves are pretty basic, you move, you rotate your turrets and you shoot. This is part of what makes tank games so fun is that they are so easy to control and you can all get straight into the action. It’s the same as in real life, tanks are just easy and fun!


    The gameplay in this is pretty compelling, if playing with friends on one of the urban landscapes then there are plenty of hidden alleys and back streets that can be used as a sneak attack on your buddies. The story mode feature is fun if you are playing alone and it features many strange enemies like giant robotic buildings and even scarier are the giant monkeys. The focus on the game here is getting the fastest times and the highest mission scores. Each mission in story mode is quite short at around three minutes so the idea is to clear it in the quickest time possible.


    By finishing rounds quickly you will earn more points and cash that can be used to make some seriously good upgrades on your tanks. There is also a medal system that as you gain more of them you will unlock higher performance tanks with even stronger armor to protect you from the incoming shells.


    There are thirty five missions in total for you to complete and to get there you must unlock all of the medals. You can’t even unlock the 35th mission until you have gained at least 100 medals.


    So start you engines and get ready for battle because you are sure to love Tank Tank