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  • In the classic MTV show Death Valley we saw a town filled with Vampires, Zombies, Werewolves and every mix possible in between. It was a world taken over by evil looking fast paced living evil dead monsters who just loved to party. And that is much like the game Tequila Zombies brought to you by Armor-Games.


    There is so much undead party madness going on in this game that I’m not even sure there will be enough bullets to take them all down. But that’s the job of our two heroes today, Miguel Tequila and Officer Jacqueline who have been tasked with finding a 3rd member of their team and to take out the nasty’s. To get to their newest member they must progress through the game taking out as many zombies as possible along the way.


    This is a solid shoot em up game with upgrades galore available to you. There are also special charters hidden through out the game that you can find. The control are simple, just use the [WASD], or arrow keys to move and the mouse to shoot. Hit [R] to reload and [Q] to cycle through your many weapons. The spacebar will activate your special weapon.


    Gameplay is your classic style side scrolling platform game and before you start you must choose which character you are going to use. Zombies are coming and they are going to attack you from both sides of the screen so be ready to fight back. Once they are all killed, sorry that makes no sense, as they are already dead, once they are dead dead then you can move along to the next stage.


    The more zombies you can kill kill then the more cash you will earn and you can spend that money on upgrades and special power ups. My favorite power up is habanero peppers that will double your kill damage. One of those spicy little fecker will do nothing but good!


    For the best graphics and some sexy dead female vampires why not check out Tequila Zombies 3