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  • Do enjoy a good pub quiz? I love a good pub quiz, have a few beers, sit round a table with your mates and try to answer impossibly hard question to try and impress everybody. It doesn’t get much better.


    Well if you’re not old enough to go down the pub yet don’t panic! Because now you can play The Impossible Quiz! Right here on Hacked Arcade Games. It’s brought to you by Notdoppler and its one off those types that is designed to annoy you. It’s a fine line between frustration and entertainment as you are presented with a question, you think you know the answer and it just disappears from your brain as you watch that count down timer tick away.


    To play the game you must first accept that it’s going to frustrate you, then when you start you are presented with an impossibly hard question and a set of multiple-choice answers. Some of the answers are so daft that sometimes it becomes a choice of picking the less stupid or if you have no idea at all you may as well take a random guess. There’s no point leaving a question unanswered because it can come down to a probability of 1 in 4.


    The title is a little misleading as its not actually impossible but if the question is not something you know then it may seem that way.


    The graphics are fairly basic but still fun and there are not just questions that need answering but also puzzles, brainteasers and memory tests.


    You can play this on your own or for more fun you can play it with a friend. It can be fun to watch them rack their brains trying to find the answers.


    Here’s a test. What was the first ever song played on MTV? Answer = Video Killed the Radio Star. I’m not sure if that question is actually in the game but if you remember it then one day its bound to come up in a quiz and you’ll be everyone’s hero if you know the answer!