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  • Just before life as we know it ended, people were going about their daily business. Office workers were getting to the station early to spend their days behind their desks, hairdressers were gossiping with their clients and everyone was slogging away to earn a buck just so that they could have the nicest house or the fastest car. But not anymore because zombies couldn’t care less where you live or what car you drive. All they want are brains, and more of them! Now the only thing that matters is your survival and the survival of mankind. Do you have what it takes to be a hero and lead your fellow human beings to victory against an army of the un-dead?


    In The Last Stand by Armor-Games it’s your job to defend yourself and your fellow humans against the zombie scourge that is reaping the city. You start off in command of a small compound that is struggling to survive. But you’ve got to look ahead to the future and imagine what it could become. Maybe one day you can turn this little turd hole back into the thriving city it once was.


    One of the problems with having something of potential value is that along with attracting hordes of brain gobblers and other fellow humans who are looking to join you, it also attracts gangs of raiders who only want to take what you have. So you must defend against all enemies and also take in survivors who are looking to take refuge for food and water and join your merry gang.


    You can build up your mini city and collect weapons and other supplies like food, water and ammo, and you can also send out teams to scavenge for supplies on your behalf. There is also the option for you to go out on these missions and play these roles out yourself.


    Everything happens in real time so it will take strategy for you to send people out and have enough people left behind to defend. Certain classes of survivors are better at fighting; healing and scavenging so choose wisely and always have a game plan.


    The Last Stand series is certainly one of the best looking and best playing zombie flash games around, so check the whole series as  you will be surely entertained for hours.