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  • Thing Thing is a classic platform shooter game created by Crazy Money Games and it has developed into killer game series including installments from the original game style and also The Arena spin offs.

    Thing Thing follows the character called Gamma-Class Bio-Weapon Project #154 as he awakens contained in a cell inside a medical testing facility. You're job is to guide him out of the building and kill as many guards and enemies as possible. You will face many guards and end of level bosses to escape and learn your true identity and the people responsible for holding you.

    Thing Thing 2 begins where part 1 left off and your character is wandering into the city after escaping the asylum. Here he encounters Systems Corp, the company who held him captive. In this game you must do battle in 6 fast paced levels ranging from the desert to abandoned industrial sectors. Your weapon of choice is a Heckler & Koch MK 23 SOC.

    Thing Thing 3 starts off with your character Gamma-Class Bio-Weapon Project #154 is self exile wandering the dessert. He receives a strange contact from someone who claims to know him and is told he must battle his way through Sunset City, a housing estate for the Systems Corp employee. Later in the game he may discover the identity of the person who conatcted him. Who could it be?

    Thing Thing 4  begins with your character Project#154 searching and collecting Vahl Dreig's power core, he uses it to destroy the wall containing him where he escapes into the incinerator area. Here he must once more fight off many System Corps guards and management teams before storming the office building. Once he arrives though he is confronted by his arch enemy Project#153 who is accompanied by a mini army.
    Can our hero defeat the all ladies? Its up to you!.