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  • Thing Thing Arena was the second game in the Thing Thing Game Series and the first game that was part of the Spin Off Series. All created by Crazy Monkey Games. The original series was a successful platform style shooter game where you had to battle may enemies along the way. This series is unlike that as you are set in an enclosed arena where you must battle endless waves of enemies and collect and upgrade your weapons as you fight.


    There are four different game modes available to you.


    • Survival Mode: You have to fight off and kill as many many enemies as you can before the kill you.  The enemies are also armed and can fire back, as the game progresses the skill level of the enemies grows and becomes more intense.
    • Zombie Survival: This is a new twist on the classic Survival mode where you must fight off an army of zombie enemies that move extremely fast and hardly drop any health packs for you. You also start with less health but you are armed with an infinite amount of ammo and your special zombie killing weapon, the Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun which is excellent for splatting brain matter!
    • Super Survival: If you thought Zombie survival was tough then things just got a whole lot tougher. This time enemies come at you harder and stronger than ever before. But never fear, your starting weapon is a Milkor MGL with 30 grenades and a Gyrojet with 20 rockets!
    • Stinky Bean Survival: Lastly there is Sticky Bean Survival. This is the first time we see the appearance of the Stinky Bean the "world's most pathetic life form". he also appears in another spin off game. Even though they are unarmed they are still a great danger as they come in large numbers.


    During the game you will pick up a vast array of weaponry including Hand Guns, Sub Machine Guns, Shot Guns and Special Weapons.


    The other games in the series are:
    Thing Thing Arena 2
    Thing Thing Arena 3
    Thing Thing Arena Pro

    And don't forget to look out for The Chronicles of Stinky Bean