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  • There’s only one thing better than a racing game and that’s a “Stunt Racing Game!” The Uphill Rush series is a single player hill climbing action set of games that keep your heart pumping with adrenaline as you race from start to finish hitting the obstacles and beating times. Its sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.


    The game series is brought to you by the developers at A 10 games, and there are 6 exciting installments. You start each one by customizing your character before playing in six trophy tournaments. Each of those tournaments has 3 difficulty levels. Each level must be unlocked in turn to progress to the next. You earn points by pulling off as many killer stunts and racing to the finish line.


    Your charter is an extreme sportsman that will ride anything he can get his hands on, whether it is a bike, a quad or even an elephant!


    Seriously, did someone just say elephant?


    In each race you must beat a countdown clock and perform as many stunts as possible taking care not to fall off your vehicle. Don’t worry though; there are checkpoints along the way so if you do come off then you will re-spawn at the last checkpoint. But still be warned, you have limited lives per race. Each successful stunt earns you a small amount of nitro to fill your nitro bar. As soon as the bar is full you can release it to perform faster, longer and gnarlier jumps!


    Uphill Rush 5 and Uphill Rush 6 are the craziest of them all because each race takes place in strange locations like a water park, farmyard or even a cruise ship.


    The graphics in the game are quite nicely done with cartoon like characters and amazing backdrops, and you’ll pick up the controls in no time. The sound track also suits the gameplay just right to get your heart pumping.


    The Uphill Rush game series is sure to keep you entertained with good game physics, fun graphics and intense gameplay.