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  • If you’ve been looking for a decent platform game to show off your running and jumping moves then look no further because Vex designed by Yepi is just the game you’ve been looking for!


    It will take extreme hand eye coordination along with tile board mastery to become the champion at this game with its fast paced action and lighting fast agile moves. Use the WASD keys to control your stickman who is able to grab ledges, wall jump, and hop over oncoming obstacles. Plus as you gain more speed you will be able to perform amazing ground slides to out wit your opponents.


    In VEX there are all kinds of dastardly obstacles that will take all of your skill including fast moving platforms that smash around you, razor sharp spikes and nearly 10,000 different types of throwing stars which are sent out with only one purpose, to kill you and send you back to the last checkpoint. Some levels get a bit wet but never fear because you are a qualified swimmer who is quite at home in the water.


    The aim of the game is to make it through each level filled with booby traps and spikes, which are all designed to kill you. There are many check points along the way which is good news because getting killed in this game happens a lot. The more you die though will effect your ranking at the end of each level so learn to use all of the special moves available.


    Though the game is not too frustrating it is hard and dying will happen frequently, its still an addictive game with super fun graphics that will keep you entertained for a long time.


    All three versions of this game are a lot of fun and a lot of the obstacles will remind you of the dastardly fun that is had in happy wheels. Enjoy!