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  • You’re going down Demons! You’re going down! This is what I’m shouting at my computer screen every time I fire up Warlords and its ever-popular sequel, Warlords 2: Rise of Demons. The game was created by the developers at Armor-Games and is a veritable gem among the turn based Strategy games. It doesn’t matter how many units the enemy sends to me, they will all be mine!


    The game play is simple and remains the same throughout each installment. Select and arm your troops and arrange them in specific lines across one side of the screen, and then command them to march across the screen dismembering any enemy that comes across their path until the have conquered the battle field. Fill the power bar at the top of the display by helping your units to master each arena before your foe can do it to you.


    There are ten different races of species you must do battle with and 54 different units you may use for your assaults there can be no way to let your enemy survive. Before each level you can use your mouse pad to buy units and upgrade them. Then to control your armies during gameplay use the arrow keys to decide on your unit which are set on timers so the enormous Troll units will take up to 8 times longer to prepare for battle than the super quick Spearmen. Once you are set on a unit and the count down timer is ready, use the up and down arrows to select your row and hit the spacebar and release your army. Away they will go, bravely into battle and following every order of you, their fearless leader!


    The first installment was almost plot free aside from your motivation to concur armies, where as Warlords 2 has some fantastic victory sequences. As this series has kept many a fan entertained they all know that the most recent addition, Warlords: Epic Conflict is not to be missed. This is not just a new game but also a total over haul of the series taking the best from all worlds with expanded maps and greater challenges!