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  • I know that you haven’t had your fill of zombie shooter games yet so here is another one that brings a whole new life to the genre. Zombies Took My Daughter is a side scrolling platform action game that makes some quirky changes that breathe fresh life into this overdone genre.


    Your charter is a guy with no name but you can tell he’s been put through the ringer. Your daughter, Anna, was visiting you in the city when the zombie virus took hold. In 36 hours the evacuation trucks are leaving and that’s the amount of time you have to save her. If you don’t make the time the trucks will leave without you. The city is huge so this is not an easy mission. Along the way you will encounter other poor souls who need help and you’re not the kind of guy who leaves a man behind. By helping other survivors you will be given clues to your daughters location and sometimes this will mean tracking down and catching criminals.


    The unique part of this game is that each time you play everything is randomly generated including all of the items you need to the zombies that you will do battle with. This means everything is brand new and it feels like a different game each time you play.


    You don’t have to fight every zombie that you come across. Sometimes the numbers will be wrong and it will be in your best interests to sneak around them and avoid confrontation. The more you explore the more clues you will find about your daughter. If you find yourself totally outnumbered and death is staring you in the face then don’t worry. After dying you can re-spawn again but you will have lost 2.5 hours of game time and half of your cash will have been taken. When you re-spawn it will drop you next to the nearest subway station.


    We use the term weapons in this game in the loosest possible sense of the word because everything can become a weapon. If all you have is a spoon then you’d better learn how to kill with one. And quickly!