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  • There’s only one way to describe this, if a Zombie platform game had a love child with a physics puzzle game then that baby would be called Zombotron! This game holds the best of both world with amazing gameplay and stunning graphics that will make your eyes light up!


    You play a single warrior who is made out of metal who lives in a world that has been taken over by all different types of Zombies and undead characters who are hell bent on destroying you. Unfortunately for them they all have buckets stuck on their heads, but that’s good for you because it makes it hard for them to see where they are going. They are wandering around creating destruction in their path and you need to stop them before everything is obliterated. The whole world is crumbling around you and to add to the mayhem some idiot has placed explosives everywhere to try and speed things up. Thankfully, you can probably take advantage of these.


    Use the arrows or WSAD to maneuver your character and the track pad to shoot. You need to get yourself to the end of each level and collect as many coins as possible to use for important upgrades. There is always plenty of ammo lying around so don’t worry too much if you start to run out. You can also use the environment to kill these nasties by knocking down buildings and pushing down object on zombie heads.


    There are so many different types of baddies that are introduced into this game each level that it really is loads of fun. There are killer robots, evil skeletons and machine gun warriors mounted high to try to be out of your reach.


    The graphics are extremely fun and playful in a cartoonish manner, and at the same time are extremely well drawn. Check out all the games in the series and have some good old Zombie killing fun!