About Us

Imagine a hypothetical World where playing games weren't such an arduous task, where you don't need to spend countless hours to get an upgrade only to fall short of the requirements by just a whisker, where you don't get riddled with anxiety and depression because you just don't have what it takes to beat that daunting level. Well, you don't have to imagine anymore! Hacked Arcade Games is where your misery ends. Your flash game playing hobby has just been one-upped. Enjoy the blissful, creative, ridiculous world of flash games without strings attached!

Hacked Arcade Games showcases all the best flash games you've wasted your life on for countless hours at a time, but it gets better. All games have been modified or "hacked" to provide a number of tweaks such as unlocking all levels and upgrades, providing extra lives for you suckers who can't seem to go a minute without seeing that dreaded "game over" screen as well as a multitude of other cheats to play the games you adore on your terms! Hacked Arcade Games will give you the opportunity to play flash games like never before.

Dozens of new hacks are added daily thanks to our highly driven user community who work religiously to provide our users with more enjoyment and variety every day. Our database of games is perpetually growing so there's a good chance that you will find a game you fancy that will keep you hooked for hours every day (and destroy your productivity of course). If you haven't browsed through our collection of games, don't waste another second, jump on the bandwagon now!

Latest Games
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101 Plays
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540 Plays
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Tower Defence
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Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked
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